Arete Access

Arete Access provides clients with high level interaction with top management teams.

Arete's corporate access initiative, Arete Access, aims to bring together our clients and senior and mid-level corporate leaders and industry participants. Arete analysts meet with hundreds of executives and industry contacts each year, and we are constantly looking for emerging trends and themes to help shape innovative and original discussions.

In addition, our unbiased research model ensures a conflict-free approach to management access. Arete Access maintains only appropriate investor relations channels to help ensure that corporate access is only to authorised company representatives. We never pay our access contributors for their time or participation, and we prohibit the transfer of material, non-public information.


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Arete Access gives our clients:

  • Access to a wide range of companies and people, cultivated over combined decades
  • Bespoke meetings, resulting from individual inbound client requests
  • Frequent, original and timely conference calls, with interactive Q&A sessions
  • Regional, sector-focused bus tours of multiple companies
  • Reservations with management during the non-deal roadshows of individual companies
  • Robust meeting agendas with multiple companies in and around major industry trade shows

Arete Access gives corporates access to:

  • Investors around the globe – we have offices and clients in Europe, North America and Asia
  • Tech-savvy investors - our clients are already veterans of the technology and telecom space
  • Investors with a long-term view, in keeping with our thematic, fundamental approach to research
  • Customised non-deal roadshows
  • A vigorous "give-and-take" with our analysts, who are widely viewed as industry authorities in their own right; we are frequently asked to present our views to Boards of Directors and C-level executives
  • Honest feedback from investor meetings; we believe you should come away with a better understanding of how investors perceive your company

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